Monday, 13 April 2009

FWC sends 5 Cypriot Teachers and one Trainer to the "Human Rights Methods in Youth Work"

Training Courses on "Human Rights Methods in Youth Work“ took place at the International House Sonnenberg from April 2nd to 9th, 2009. FWC sent 5 Cypriot school teachers to participate in the trainings and Social Justice Unit Head, Larry Fergeson to Germany to train the international participants. He conducted two workshops with participants from Cyprus, Ukraine, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy and Poland.

Workshop Titles

1 - Human Rights and the Millennium Development Goals – How will their achievement serve humanity?

Main goals of the workshop:
To help educators and NGO workers discuss the human rights related aspects of the Millennium Development Goals with youth

Description of the workshop:
Introduction and Overview of the Millennium Development Goals
Explore what the Millennium Development Goals actually are;
Explore how the Millennium Development Goals relate to human rights;
Ways youth can advocate for the Millennium Development Goals within their community

2 - The Challenge of Human Rights and Cultural Diversity - Universal Human Rights and International Law

Main goals of the workshop:
To offer educators and NGO workers a discussion on the universal validity of Human Rights and the problems with intercultural differences

Description of the workshop:
How can human rights be reconciled with the clash of cultures that has come to characterize our time?
How can universal human rights exist in a culturally diverse world?
As the international community becomes increasingly integrated, how can cultural diversity and integrity be respected?
Is a global culture inevitable? If so, is the world ready for it?
How could a global culture emerge based on and guided by human dignity and tolerance?

Project presentation at EU conference on innovation and creativity

"Everybody’s Song“ was presented by Jelena Mihailović (CPDD, Serbia) and Reinhard Eckert (CNTI/Future Worlds Center, Cyprus) at the conference and exhibition "Creativity and Innovation – Best practice from European Union programmes" in Brussels from 2 to 3 March 2009. The event explored and identified examples of best practice among projects that have received funding through several European Union programmes and funds. It was accompanied by a special exhibition showing the results of 20 star projects from around Europe that are good examples of the EU contribution, highlighted by the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009.

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Thursday, 2 April 2009

FWC "Makes it Happen"

As one of the "Happenings" for the Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals project FWC organised two sporting activities (football and handball) for youths from different countries such as Cameroon, Morocco, Cyprus, on the 25 March 2009. We wanted to promote the MDGs through fun activities. The activities took place at Kennedy Field. 4 teams in total were present:


The finals were between ISAC and THE FIGHTERS ATDS,which ISAC won by 2 goals to 1 for THE FIGHTERS ATDS.

This project was sponsored by the Future Worlds Center as part of the EU project 'Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals'.

Moreover, on Friday 27 March 2009 all participants were present at the Future World Center office, for a Pizza party to commemorate their participation and each was given a tee shirt on which appeared the logo of Future Worlds Center and MAKE IT HAPPEN.