Friday, 27 November 2009

FWC wins another award for Project Management

Future Worlds Center (leg. reg Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute (CNTI) was honored at an Awards ceremony for their Grundtvig project: STELLLA - The Stimulation of E-Learning in Life-Long Learning for Adults - the encouragement of electronic learning in the life long learning of adults. It was hosted by the Institution of Management of European Programs of For life Learning on 26 November 2009 at the Holiday Inn in Nicosia.

The program STELLLA is the result of collaboration of 6 European countries, Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain, that received financing from the Institution of Management of European Programs Life Long Learning 2006-2009. More concretely, the program falls under the unit Grundtvig.

The success of the program is owed to the irreproachable collaboration of partners, to the high specification technology that was used for the transaction of activities, and to the devotion of partners as well as the separate attribute of each European organism in specific subjects.

The results were amongst other things, the promotion of electronic learning of adults learners and teachers in the all involved countries with various ways as an example the videoconferences, the modern and asynchronous communication via electronic platform, the use of `of Second life' (Second Life) and Facebook. Other results were the distribution of electronic learning with booklets and video clips in YouTube, the web page, posters and briefing in the printed mass media.

FWC was actively involved in the all activities in collaboration with the [TEPAK]. In May 2007 FWC hosted the partners in Nicosia where they had also the chance to learn about our society and culture. During the program FWC had the possibility of visiting the cities and the countries of other partners, as an example Pamplona of Spain, Rostock of Germany, [Marsala] of Sicily and [Olstyn] of Poland.

The success of program STELLLA led the partners to their collaboration to program STELLLA2.0. In this proposal were added still 4 partners, France, Finland, Lithuania and Greece.

If you have any further queries you can visit the web page STELLLA at the address:

FWC Orientation Manual

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Monday, 16 November 2009

Future Worlds Center supports the Global Education Week

Future Worlds Center supports the Global Education Week between 14 and 22 November 2009, being celebrated across the 47 member states of the Council of Europe.
The Global Education Week encourages pupils and teachers as well as youth groups to explore educational activities for global citizenship. This year's theme is closely related to the Millennium Development Goals: "FOOD FOR ALL". Schools, teachers, students and all other active youth are invited to participate in the campaign with their activities and raise awareness about global issues and how they interrelate with our life.
Future Worlds Center, through its Global Education Unit, strongly supports the Global Education Week, and will visit different schools and offer workshops to teachers to support their engagement in Global Education. Future Worlds Center will also be present at the bi-communal fair of the International Children's Film Festival on Saturday, providing information and interactive exercises to youth about the Millennium Development Goals.
For more information about the Global Education Week, please visit the North-South Centre website. For more information about Global Education activities at Future Worlds Center, please click here.

Deryneia makes Global Connections

25 teachers from primary schools and a nursery school participated in a 2-day interactive training workshop on Global Development Education at the 3rd Elementary School in Deryneia on the 6th and 12th November. The training took place in the framework of the 'Accessing Development Education' project. Under the slogan 'Global Connections - Local Citizens Making Global Connections through Education', the project aims to engage educators and schools in Global Development Education activities and equip them with relevant training and materials, thus making them promoters and multipliers of national campaigns that aim to create awareness about Development and about global interdependencies.

The training in Deryneia was carried out by the team of facilitators, who had participated in the Training of Trainers in Edinburgh/ Scotland in June this year, implemented under the same project. The two days introduced teachers to the concept of the global citizen, to the skills, knowledge, understanding, values and attitudes associated with global citizenship and offered a variety or practical activities and exersices that can easily be incorporated into different lessons to include a global perspective in the classroom.
More similar trainings are planned for teachers in Agros and in Limassol. For more information, please contact the project coordinator.

Global Connections - FWC visits project partners in Tralee/ Ireland

Future Worlds Center Global Education Unit staff Kerstin Wittig and Nicolina Markidou visited KADE - Kerry Action for Dlopment Education in Tralee/ Ireland last week. KADE hosted the monitoring and evaluation meeting of the EU-funded 'Accessing Development Education' project, coordinated by Future Worlds Center in partnership with KADE, ScotDec (Scottish Development Education Centre), Youth Career and Advising Centre (Lithuania) and C.E.G.A. Foundation (Bulgaria). During their visit in Tralee, the project team was hosted by the Mayor of Tralee, and visited a local primary school, which had participated in the Footbal Against Racism Campaign. The project team also visited a local secondary school and spoke to students who had travelled to Kenia for a school partnership project, as well as to a group of students participating in the Young Social Innovators Active Citizenship programme with a Reforesting Project in Ireland.
The KADE coordinator and the FWC staff also met with Irish Aid, exploring possible synergies with the Accessing Development Education project.
The project began in January 2008 and has been involving teachers in the 5 partner countries, reviewing, gathering and modifying teaching resources on Global Development Education, creating spaces for sharing expertise and experiences across the countries, and offering workshops and trainings locally to teachers, as well as support to their schools in promoting Global Development Education. Furthermore, the project has created an online depository of best practice teaching resources, aiming to make Global Development Education accessible to teachers across Europe. The project will conclude with a European Conference in Limassol from 8 to 10 April 2010.
For more information, please contact the project coordinator or visit the online portal.

Med-Highschool promotes Millennium Development Goals

In the context of the EU-funded project 'Youth Ambassador for MDGs', Future Worlds Center held 3 introductory workshops at Med-Highschool in Larnaca, introducing the Millennium Development Goals and how they relate to our life here in Cyprus. More than 70 students, ranging from year 1 to year 6 of the Med-Highschool, actively participated in the workshops.
Most of them have expressed their interest to continue working on the MDGs, and a follow-up workshops has been planned for the first week of December, during which the students will have the opportunity to plan their own MDG campaign.
For more information please contact Kerstin Wittig. For more information about the 'Youth Ambassadors for MDGs' project, please contact the project coordinator.

American Academy in Nicosia become Youth Ambassadors for the Millennium Development Goals

High School Students of the American Academy in Nicosia have joined workshops to become Youth Ambassadors for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). In the framework of the EU-funded project 'Youth Ambassadors for MDGs', Future Worlds Center was invited by the American Academy in Nicosia to join forces and organise a project for year 10 and year 11 students, supporting an orphanage in Moldova.
Future Worlds Center offered two introductory workshops for all the year 10 and 11 students about the Millennium Development Goals and about how they relate to our life here in Cyprus. In a second round of follow-up meetings with Mrs Eva Argyrou and the students, it was decided to focus on the MDG 2: 'Achieve Universal Primary Education', and to plan the future project in Moldova around nursery education. The next steps of this project include more detailed planning workshops, identification of project funding sources, and research about nursery education, about Moldova and about the needs of the orphanage.
For more information about school actions and school workshops, contact Kerstin Wittig. For more information about the project 'Youth Ambassadors for MDGs', please contact the project coordinator.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

FWC attends INHOPE 10 th Anniversary General Assembly

FWC associate Lawrence Kalogreades participated in the INHOPE 10 th Anniversary General Assembly, as a representative of the Cyberethics project and the Cyprus Safer Internet Helpline and Hotline. The Assembly took place in Brussels, Belgium, on the 3rd, 4 th and 5th of November.

The proceedings consisted of task group meetings where goals and tasks were discussed and outlined, training sessions, voting regarding the inclusion of new members to the INHOPE network, as well as presentations from stakeholders from various countries, agencies and corporations.

The meeting also marked the 10 years since INHOPE’s inception. In honor of this, past INHOPE staff members, representatives from INSAFE, and national delegates gave speeches regarding the impact of INHOPE’s efforts in thwarting internet crime and child abuse. The concluding remarks were that the network has grown exponentially and that its influence on providing a safer internet is markedly clear, but with the rapid changes in technology and societal norms, a continuous effort is vital in order to stay up-to-date and in-touch.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

fundraising event for the Unit for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture

It has been three years since the Unit for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture (URVT) was founded by the Future Worlds Center’s initiative and it is evident that many individuals benefit from the Unit’s services. URVT’s mission is to assist the victims of torture and their families by providing multidisciplinary treatment and rehabilitation services, and to raise public awareness of issues concerning torture and rehabilitation. This is achieved by utilizing a treatment approach which integrates a full range of services including medical treatment, psychological support, legal counselling, and other social services. Τhe ones who most commonly suffer torture belong to vulnerable populations such as: refugees and asylum seekers, internally displaced persons, persons in detention, those living in poverty, street children, as well as ethnic and religious minorities.

As Cyprus has only one treatment centre of this kind, which is URVT, it is imperative that it continues to operate in order to maintain support for those people in need. This requires the help of the community itself and not just the traditional governmental funding mechanisms. This is why URVT is turning to its colleagues, associates and friends to contribute to this worthy cause.

On Friday 20, November 2009, URVT will hold a fundraising event at club ITHAKI in Nicosia at 10pm, in an effort to gather funds for the Unit’s services. The staff of URVT cordially invites you to come and show your support while dancing and enjoying the night away amongst like minded people. Also your support comes from the purchase of tickets which cost €5.00 each and with each ticket purchased there is a chance to win prizes donated by local businesses that support our efforts through a raffle which will be held the night of the event. So please feel free to purchase more than just one raffle ticket so you increase your chance to win prizes and the money goes to support URVT in Cyprus! You do not need to be present to win. We will contact any of the winners who are not at ITHAKI by phone.

Raffle tickets are available prior to the event at Promitheos 5, Office 4, Nicosia, 1065 and also on the night of the fundraiser at the entrance of ITHAKI Club. For further information please contact (click name for to email) Mrs Andria Neocleous or Mrs Constantina Christou at 22-873820.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

FWC attends INHOPE 10th Anniversary Celebration and General Assembly, Brussels

The INHOPE Network celebrates 10 years in the fight against online illegal content, primarily child sex abuse images.

The INHOPE network of Internet Hotlines today convened a special session to celebrate its 10th Anniversary in the fight against illegal content on the Internet. INHOPE Hotlines provide the general public with a means to report anonymously suspected illegal content online – primarily child sexual abuse images. Lawrence Kalogreades from FWC represented CyberEthics (the Cyprus Internet Safety Awareness Node) and the Cyprus Safer Internet Helpline

Ruben Rodriguez, President of INHOPE and Director of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children opened the meeting saying, “the INHOPE Association has taken great strides forward in the last few years; we have grown to 36 Hotlines from 31 different countries both in Europe and around the world. We have dramatically increased our outreach to industry and to law enforcement enabling us to develop collaborative projects and initiatives which in turn have increased our ability to remove child sex abuse images from the Internet”

INHOPE is utilising its unique position representing national Hotlines around the world having developed the first global URL database to record the relevant data of websites that contain images of child sexual abuse. Data collated from the network will enable INHOPE to provide the most comprehensive figures and information on the proliferation and circulation of such illegal content.

The information provided by INHOPE and its Members will enable industry, policy makers and law enforcement to target resources in an effort to combat the distribution of this material. By collating the information supplied to our Members by the public and other sources, INHOPE is able to help its stakeholders confront future challenges. The URL database is an invaluable tool for society to report its concerns and by doing so fostering confidence amongst Internet users.

To encourage new Hotline initiatives worldwide, INHOPE, in cooperation with the EC has been working to prioritise countries where illegal material can potentially be hosted or produced and countries which are deemed to be important in the fight against illegal material online.

Illegal activity on the Internet is a cross border problem that no one organisation can effectively tackle alone and INHOPE Hotlines have proven to be an effective first line of defence against illegal content online and in the fight against online predators.

(*) In some countries Hotlines are called tiplines