Tuesday, 23 February 2010

FWC Brochures in 3 Languages

The Future Worlds Center Brochure is now available in English, Greek and Turkish.

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Jumpstart Youth Campaign Training on Public Relations and Campaigning

Youth Center Union and Future Worlds Center are jointly organizing a training on Campaigning and Public Relations (PR) as part of the E.U. funded project ‘”Jumpstart - Youth Peace Campaign in Cyprus” for the weekend 5-7 March, at L.A Resort hotel in Lapta/Lapithos.

The training will include sessions on Campaigning and Ethics, Public Relations and formation and work with specific action teams.

Eligible applicants to the training are young people island-wide, aged 18-30 who would like to get actively involved in peace-building activities relating to the areas of Human Rights (Youth/Gender issues), Environment (ecology, urban planning) and Entertainment (music, dance performances, workshops). These small-scale projects will be implemented during a Peace Bus tour around the island, expected to take place over several weekends from May - July 2010.

The Campaigning and PR training will engage 15 people from each community. Participation criteria will include willingness and availability to contribute to further activities as well as previous experience in youth projects.

The actions within the Jumpstart - Youth Peace Campaign in Cyprus aim to increase confidence-building and co-operation between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot Youth (18-30).

“Jumpstart - Youth Peace Campaign in Cyprus” project is implemented by Youth Center Union (Genclik Merkezi Birligi), a Turkish Cypriot organization, which is the main applicant, and Future Worlds Center (legally reg. Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute) which is the partner organization for the Greek Cypriot Community. The project is funded with support from the European Union.

Note: *Accommodation and food are covered by the Jumpstart - Youth Peace Campaign in Cyprus project. Transportation from Nicosia will be provided by bus.

Participation form:
If you wish to participate in the upcoming training, please fill in the attached form and send it back to Jumpstart co-ordinators at:
nicolina.markidou@gmail.com and huseyin.kursat@gmail.com by Friday 26th February.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cypriot Youth ready to plan their own joint Events

15 Youth Leaders from across Cyprus took part in the second workshop on Event Management, organized by Mediation Association and Future Worlds Center on Saturday (20 February 2010) as part of the Youth Activism project. During the workshop, the young leaders learned techniques for creative planning of events, discussed the Event Management Cycle, budget planning and monitoring mechanisms. Moreover, the youth leaders took on the challenge to design and plan their own events, transforming the theory into practice. A next planning meeting has already been arranged to follow up on the inital event ideas - a multi-cultural concert within the framework of the European Campaign Against Racism!
For more information and updates on the event, please contact Kerstin Wittig.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Students of American Academy build links with Romania to promote MDGs

A group of students of the American Academy in Nicosia will visit their new partner organisation in Transylvania, Romania next October in order to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Within the context of the EU-funded project Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the American Academy in Nicosia, with the strong support and guidance of Senior Teacher Mrs. Eva Argyrou and Headmaster Mr. Gianfranco Onestis has organised a series of workshops for their year 10 and year 11 students, and has created a link to a community centre in Transylvania, which will now link up the Cypriot school to local partner schools. In partnership, the Cypriot and Romanian youth will then act as young ambassadors for the MDGs and work with orphanages and nursery schools in poorer areas of Romania.
The core group of students and two of the teachers supporting this project got together in a workshop yesterday to explore nursery education in Cyprus, to learn about Romania and to plan the next actions. The students will develop posters and leaflets to inform their parents and other students about the new MDG-Partnership and to promote the exchange visits.
For more information, please contact Kerstin Wittig.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

FWC to hold MDG Round Table Discussions at European University Cyprus

FWC is organising MDG Round Table Discussions at European University Cyprus to take place on 17 and 24 Feb from 18:00-21:00. These events are taking place as part of the EU funded project entitled "Youth Ambassadors for the Millienum Development Goals (MDG)", ONG-ED/2007/136-678.

Future Worlds Center, based in Nicosia, Cyprus is an implementing partner organisation in this project along with NGOs from Poland, Greece, Hungary and Czech Republic.

The overall goal of the MDG Round Table Discussions at European University Cyprus will be to organise open discussions on MDGs and the current development situation. Future Worlds Center will provide knowledge, materials, expertise, as well as to moderate the discussion. The aim of the round tables in the end will be the creation and ratification of a "Students Declaration for MDGs". Going forward, Future Worlds Center will collect student signatures on the Declaration at Universities in order to gain additional support.

We gratefully acknowledge the help of Petra Daniel, Senior Instructor, Department of Social and Behavioral Studies and Maria Christodoulou, Events Officer for all of their help in making these events happen.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

CyberEthics Team part of the working group organized by the European Commission

Antonis Loizou, coordinator of the Hotline SafenetCY, and Tatjana Taraszow, Educational Material Developer of CyberEthics, were invited as experts to the working group for improving the current methodology for project assessment

The Directorate General Information Society and Media of the European Commission launched the working group 'Developing Indicators for Safer Internet Projects 2009-2013' in order to improve the current methodology for project assessment. The first workshop took place on the 25th of January 2010 in Luxembourg. The working group consists of the INHOPE/INSAFE coordinators and two members from each of the networks (awareness centres, hotlines and helplines).

Two members of the CyberEthics team are among the eight experts: Antonis Loizou, coordinator of the SafenetCy hotline and Tatjana Taraszow, Educational Material Developer.

Following issues were discussed during the first workshop:

* Inputs, Outputs, Outcomes and Indicators of the current projects of INHOPE, INSAFE and Helplines
* Effectiveness and consistency of the use of current assessment and measurement tools
* Indicators for (a) self-assessment and (b) project assessment
* Development of SMART indicators and impact measurements for INHOPE, INSAFE and Helplines - for self-assessment and project assessment as well as for comparison at European level

The second workhop of this working group is planned for mid March 2010.