Friday, 26 September 2008

FWC Welcomes International Interns

As part of the Future Worlds Center International Internship program two new interns have started their apprenticeships. FWC welcomes Brooke Galloway, a Conflict Resolution graduate student from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon and Lucia Fetzer from University of Hannover (in Germany) and now an Erasmus student at the University of Nicosia.

Please contact Larry Fergeson for information on Internships at FWC.

FWC SDDP Team in Romania

As part of the UCYVROK project (Uniting for Citizenship and participation: Youth promoting Vulnerable groups’ Rights, Opportunities and Knowledge) Future Worlds Center staff members Larry Fergeson, Yiannis Laouris and Kerstin Wittig facilitated a Structured Design Dialogue Process (SDDP) in Romania. Participants from Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Latvia and Poland engaged in Structured Dialogue about what an ideal society that is culturally diverse and inclusive looks like. The process was a huge success and produced a very detailed map of descriptors. The full report will be presented at the UCYVROK International Conference in Cyprus on 8 November in Larnaca, Cyprus at The Golden Bay Hotel.

For more information about Structured Design Dialogue Process (SDDP) please read the book: How People Harness their Collective Wisdom and Power - Alexander N. Christakis with Kenneth C. Bausch, (Information Age Publishing, Greenwich, CT, March 2006)

Monday, 15 September 2008

FWC is shortlisted for IPE grant

Changing Attitudes of Adults (parents) on Internet-Related Risks for Young Adolescents

The project will address Internet safety issues with the aim to achieve an in-depth understanding regarding safety breaches and protective measures and actions, primarily within the family environment. For this purpose, a limited section of the Online Virtual Environment, Second Life, will be customized to host study teams who will be playing on the Internet and will be “exposed” to real risks in a controlled way. Project participants are expected to develop skills in recognising safety pitfalls and dealing with them as well as appreciate Internet Risks in their true dimension.
The very difference between real Internet-related risks and Internet-related risks as perceived by adults (parents) could constitute a new type of risk in itself. There is a similar difference between the means to deal with these risks and the means to deal with these risks as perceived by adults (parents). The conception adults (parents) have on what (their) children do when they “play” (spend time) on the Internet is largely based on ignorance; certainly experiential ignorance in that they have not “played” (spent time) on such activities themselves and often ‘literate ignorance’ in that they have not studied the matter. Media and church hype add insult to injury. Furthermore, there is a difference between the real attitude of adults (parents) towards their children (in general, and with respect to their children’s activities on the Internet) and their self-perceived attitude. There is a further difference between their real attitudes and the results of their behavior.
The project will study the attitude of such adults towards the fact that their children immerse themselves into video games (Second Life in particular). Specifically, the project team will study the change in attitudes of the adults regarding the activities of their children and the risks related before and after they had an opportunity to “play” along with their children for several months.
Target groups addressed will be parents (of 12-15 year old girls and 13-16 year old boys) who are teachers (preferably at high schools where they have pupils of the same age as their children) who will fall into specific, predefined clusters, along with their children. Each study team will consist of one or two parents-teachers with their one or more children / nephew and / or their friends.
Project outputs, products and results will include, among others, i) a customized area in the Virtual, Online Environment “Second Life”, ii) a portal supporting project work, dissemination activities and project participants, iii) recorded research on internet safety risks as perceived by adults and teenagers of the study teams and most importantly the possible change in attitudes before and after game playing. This research aims at concluding to a suggested methodology on an original approach in developing an Internet Safety Culture which could be used as a bases for learning material at various levels and in particular for teacher training.

Portland State University Students visit Cyprus

We are pleased to welcome Professor Dr. Harry Anastasiou from the conflict resolution department at Portland State University to Cyprus. Each year Dr. Anastasiou brings a group of top graduate students from the USA to Cyprus to broaden their horizons and give them an in-depth look at the realities on the ground in Cyprus.

This year Future Worlds Center will give a presentation to the students at the Russian Cultural Centre located at 16 Alasias Street, Nicosia on 16 September at 14.00. The Russian Cultural Centre contains a library with Russian books, periodicals, music, film, and other media. For Russian natives, this is a good place to make contacts and arrange for Greek and/or English lessons. The center also hosts cultural events and exhibitions, particularly those pertaining to the arts.

Russian Cultural Centre:Corner of Alasias & Zenonos St.Tel.: +357 22 761607

Центр Русского Науки и Культуры - Здесь хорошое место найти информацию о языковых курсах в никосии. Библиотека. Художественные выставки.

New Talk of the Island Web Site

Future Worlds Center announces the new and improved website for Talk of the Island radio programme. It now has a live listening link and you can listen to any of the past shows since 2005. Please go to:

Have a look around and give a listen to your favorite radio programme coming to you from Cyprus.

Save the Date

Save the Date

for the european union funded youth in action programme project

organised by lead partner

future worlds center

Uniting for Citizenship and Participation: Youth promoting Vulnerable Groups' Rights, Opportunities and Knowledge (UCYVROK)

Project No.: 2007-3756/010-001

European Conference on Youth Inclusion and Youth Participation

Saturday, 08 November 9.00 until 16.00

Golden Bay Hotel

Larnaca Cyprus

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Envisioning a culturally diverse and inclusive society: Structured Dialogue Workshop in Romania

In the context of its European Project 'UCYVROK', Future Worlds Center staff will facilitate a structured dialogue workshop in Timisoara/ Romania on the 21 and 22 September. This is the second regional workshop within the UCYVROK project.
The workshop will be attended by project partners and youth from Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Hungary and Romania. The participants will engage in a democratic and structured dialogue to develop a joint vision for a culturally diverse and inclusive society.
For further information about the project go to the UCYVROK website or email the project coordinator.
For further information about Structured Dialogue click here.