Monday, 15 September 2008

Portland State University Students visit Cyprus

We are pleased to welcome Professor Dr. Harry Anastasiou from the conflict resolution department at Portland State University to Cyprus. Each year Dr. Anastasiou brings a group of top graduate students from the USA to Cyprus to broaden their horizons and give them an in-depth look at the realities on the ground in Cyprus.

This year Future Worlds Center will give a presentation to the students at the Russian Cultural Centre located at 16 Alasias Street, Nicosia on 16 September at 14.00. The Russian Cultural Centre contains a library with Russian books, periodicals, music, film, and other media. For Russian natives, this is a good place to make contacts and arrange for Greek and/or English lessons. The center also hosts cultural events and exhibitions, particularly those pertaining to the arts.

Russian Cultural Centre:Corner of Alasias & Zenonos St.Tel.: +357 22 761607

Центр Русского Науки и Культуры - Здесь хорошое место найти информацию о языковых курсах в никосии. Библиотека. Художественные выставки.

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