Friday, 19 February 2010

Students of American Academy build links with Romania to promote MDGs

A group of students of the American Academy in Nicosia will visit their new partner organisation in Transylvania, Romania next October in order to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Within the context of the EU-funded project Youth Ambassadors for Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the American Academy in Nicosia, with the strong support and guidance of Senior Teacher Mrs. Eva Argyrou and Headmaster Mr. Gianfranco Onestis has organised a series of workshops for their year 10 and year 11 students, and has created a link to a community centre in Transylvania, which will now link up the Cypriot school to local partner schools. In partnership, the Cypriot and Romanian youth will then act as young ambassadors for the MDGs and work with orphanages and nursery schools in poorer areas of Romania.
The core group of students and two of the teachers supporting this project got together in a workshop yesterday to explore nursery education in Cyprus, to learn about Romania and to plan the next actions. The students will develop posters and leaflets to inform their parents and other students about the new MDG-Partnership and to promote the exchange visits.
For more information, please contact Kerstin Wittig.

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