Thursday, 12 November 2009

FWC attends INHOPE 10 th Anniversary General Assembly

FWC associate Lawrence Kalogreades participated in the INHOPE 10 th Anniversary General Assembly, as a representative of the Cyberethics project and the Cyprus Safer Internet Helpline and Hotline. The Assembly took place in Brussels, Belgium, on the 3rd, 4 th and 5th of November.

The proceedings consisted of task group meetings where goals and tasks were discussed and outlined, training sessions, voting regarding the inclusion of new members to the INHOPE network, as well as presentations from stakeholders from various countries, agencies and corporations.

The meeting also marked the 10 years since INHOPE’s inception. In honor of this, past INHOPE staff members, representatives from INSAFE, and national delegates gave speeches regarding the impact of INHOPE’s efforts in thwarting internet crime and child abuse. The concluding remarks were that the network has grown exponentially and that its influence on providing a safer internet is markedly clear, but with the rapid changes in technology and societal norms, a continuous effort is vital in order to stay up-to-date and in-touch.

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