Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Strengthening Asylum in Cyprus

Future Worlds Center is the implementing partner of UNHCR Cyprus for its main project “Strengthening Asylum for Refugees and Asylum-seekers in Cyprus”. This UNHCR funded project has been implemented by FWC for over 2 years. The objective is to ensure that asylum seekers have access to a fair and efficient asylum procedure and both asylum seekers and refugees enjoy their rights based on national, European and international law. The project is implemented by three legal advisors and one social advisor who offer individual consultation to the beneficiaries. Regarding the legal aspect this includes advising on the asylum law and the asylum procedure, assisting asylum seekers on access to the procedure, as well as assisting them throughout the Refugee Status Determination procedure at first and second instance, preparing appeals for well founded claims, monitoring detention of asylum seekers and assisting the beneficiaries to obtain their legal rights. The social advisor assists and consults asylum seekers and refugees in matters of employment, social welfare, education and health. Within the scope of the project is also raising awareness within the community on refugee and asylum issues, promoting the increase of rights of this population, as well as supporting and encouraging the integration of refugees into the society. For more info please contact Corina Drousiotou, Manos Mathioudakis or Olivia Marangou

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