Monday, 8 December 2008

The Internet Behavior of Cypriots

The recently presented survey ‘e-cypriot 08’ on the activities of Cypriots on the Internet was conducted by OgilvyOne and the research company Evresis. The survey was conducted across Cyprus in a final sample of 969 Internet users, aged 13 years and above, with the methodology of random multistage stratified sampling. The data was collected through telephone interviews from October 23 until November 6 2008.
The survey revealed that many Cypriots use the Internet for shopping purchasing mainly clothing and books. The main products that Cypriots purchase on-line are clothes at 32.6 per cent and books at 28.3 per cent. ‘e-cypriot 08’ showed 49.1 per cent of Cypriots who make on-line purchases spend more than €250 a year, and 12.7 per cent spends more than €1,000. Asked whether they had purchased products from the Internet within the last week, 16.8 per cent answered yes. Moreover, the on-line behaviors of Cypriots range from obtaining general information at 54.6 per cent, for entertainment (45.1 per cent) and sports news (31.1 per cent).
According to the findings, the percentage of the population aged 13 or older who uses the Internet amounts to 41.2 per cent. The greatest use of the Internet is seen in the workplace; according to the survey, 53.8 per cent of the working people surveyed claim that they only use the Internet at the office.


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