Tuesday, 27 January 2009

FWC brings Cyprus Teachers together from 36 Schools to discuss the Challenges of Global Education

On Wednesday, 21 January 2009, teachers from 36 schools across Cyprus came together in a structured dialogue workshop at the Pedagogical Institute to discuss the challenges they face in integrating Global Education to their schools.
The workshop was organised by Future Worlds Center, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and CyprusAid, within the wider context of the annual Global Education Week.
Throughout the structured dialogue workshop, the teachers (including nursery, primary, secondary and technical teachers) identified a total of 96 challenges, which they categorised in five groups: Educators; School Culture; Official Side; Community Culture; and Learners. The workshop participants structured the 16 most important challenges into a tree of influence. A report of the workshop with detailed results will be uploaded shortly.
For more information please contact Kerstin Wittig.

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