Thursday, 24 September 2009

Youth Leader Training in Kritou Terra a Success

From 28 August until 04 September, FWC together with the Mediation Association and the Environmental Study Centre (ESC) organised a one-week bi-communal training for youth leaders. The training, hosted by the ESC in Kritou Terra, was implemented within the framework of the Cyprus Network for Youth Development and was funded by UNDP-ACT.

The Kritou Terra Residential Training remains an unforgettable experience for all those who attended. It all began at the Ledra Palace where we met and cautiously though friendly checked each other out. We started mingling in the bus and most of the bonding that occurred from them on was in the free time at night after 8 o clock. We talked about different heated subjects that concern youth, ranging from relationships, careers and the Cyprus problem. One night we even made crepes with nutella! We did a lot of constructive work throughout these days as well with our trainers as well. The icebreakers were good to get everyone comfortable to participate in the discussions, so everyone’s voice was heard. We learned how to be better leaders, how to understand conflict, how to manage conflict. We saw the different ways Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots perceive Cyprus History. We also learned how to cooperate with people, how to communicate without violence – peacefully. We also explored what needs are, and related them to conflict. We also explored the need of empathy. We saw a film “Home” which was about the state of our planet, we discussed environmental sustainability and one day we went on a excursion into Akamas, visiting a number of sites to carry out sustainability evaluation. Furthermore learned what Structured Dialogic Design Process (SDDP) is. Also we were introduced to project development , and developing project ideas and elements. Last but not least we touched upon the subjects of project structures and fundraising. Overall it was a comprehensive and fun trip and I believe I’ve definitely grown an person and as an activist from this experience." (Monica, participant)

For more information about the Cyprus Network for Youth Development, and the Youth Leader Training Programme, please visit the network's website, or contact Nicolina Markidou at FWC.

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