Wednesday, 19 May 2010

CyberEthics on NTV's noon news programme

Lawrence Kalogreades of CyberEthics and coordinator of the Safer Internet Helpline was hosted by Dimitris Souglis on NTV's noon news programme. The two discussed the recent events in Cyprus regarding Internet related crimes and how the public has reacted to them, as well as the perceived causes of the increase in such events. Lawrence then explained to the viewers how to keep themselves and their children safe by changing some simple things in the way that they behave online (you can find out more at The issue received considerable attention as indicated by the fact that the number of people dialing in to address their concerns on the issue was so high that it was not possible to address each caller individually. That being said, CyberEthics and its associates have been invited back and will soon be featured more extensively on NTV.

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