Thursday, 22 July 2010

TeachMDGs - First Internal Workshop a success

The EU-funded project TeachMDGs has just successfully completed its first internal workshop, which was held in Tallinn, Estonia from 8-11 July 2010. The workshop brought together members of the project team, teachers and teacher trainers from Cyprus, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania and Scotland. Throughout the four days, the group explored the Millennium Development Goals and the global and local issues around them, and jointly developed a set of goals for Teaching Resources that are to be developed within the 3-year project. The workshop managed to conclude with a detailed framework of recommendations and learning objectives for a comprehensive set of resource materials. These materials are now being developed by the 5 partner organisations, in close collaboration with teachers, teacher trainers and educational authorities in order to ensure their compatibility with local school curricula, as well as in close collaboration with diaspora communities from Cameroon and Afghanistan.

For more information about the project, please visit the website at or contact the Project Coordinator. You can also link to us on facebook.

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