Wednesday, 27 October 2010

TeachMDGs First Project Newsletter published

The TeachMDGs project has issued its first newsletter! This newsletter aims to inform you about the EU-funded TeachMDGs-project and keep you up to date with its activities and publications.

How can you and your school participate in the project?

Are you interested in Global Education and the Millennium Development Goals? Are you a teacher? A student? A teacher trainer? Get involved in our activities, be part of our team!
We are looking for motivated and active teachers, teacher trainers, university students who are studying to become teachers, pupils, NGO members who are experienced in the topic of the MDGs, as well as other interested and active citizens! There are plenty of ways to be part of the project, either in the phase of developing teaching resources, in becoming a trainer, in bringing a global perspective to your school or your classroom, in participating in trainings, in establishing school partnerships… we are also open to new ideas about how to promote MDGs in the school environment!

You can download the newsletter from the website by clicking here.
For more information about the project, please contact the project coordinator Kerstin Wittig.

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