Thursday, 4 November 2010

Your Choice to Act!

Life is about choices. You choose to study, you choose where to live, you choose what to eat, you choose what to buy, you choose where to go for holiday. Throughout your life,`you choose`, which means your choice is your life,and it is what the world has become. You can also chose to act with your everyday choices,and prevent global issues such as hunger, poverty, discrimination, diseases, child labour, and environmental crises.

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Cost of `buying cheap` - Do you know what you pay for?
It feels very good when we find a good deal for groceries, or clothing. In Cyprus, especially lately with the number of choices we have for supermarkets, including all the local and international brands and chains, we can easily find real cheap deals which are good quality. This means you can buy more, and enjoy more!

We feel mesmerized, and so much carried away with the offers we are given, as if it’s a theater and we are the leading actor in this huge grocery store. Everything is for us. All we need to do is `buy and enjoy`. However unfortunately most of the time, we don’t think about what we really pay for. Is it really cheap, good quality shirts or chocolate? Or is it the critical working conditions, child labor, and sweatshops these huge discount supermarkets trade with or set up in Global South to produce and offer these cheap offers for us? What do we really pay for?
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