Monday, 4 April 2011

FWC leads European Consortium that offers free language lessons via mobile phone

Cypriot non-governmental organisation, Future Worlds Center, invites those who are too busy to attend a language course or those who do not want to attend a traditional language course, to try “MobLang” as a perfect tool to help lea the basics of a new language in a fun way. With a few minutes each day MobLang teaches you the most common phrases. Special exercises help you with the pronunciation while you practice your newly learned words and phrases. MobLang is easy to install on your mobile and simple to use.

MobLang is a project funded by the European Union that provides tools to study a new language through mobile technology. It allows users to get to know the language and deepens their knowledge about other cultures. More information can be found at the MobLang website

The MobLang project is officially entitled “Intercultural Dialogue & Linguistic Diversity via MobLang” and is within the Framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme / Transversal Programme / Key Activity 2: Languages (European Commission, EACEA). The local Cypriot organizations Future Worlds Center and the University of Cyprus Language Centre are teamed up with partners in Europe from Greece, the United Kingdom, and Spain. The consortium offers a variety of languages to learn such as Albanian, Basque, Greek, Irish, and Turkish.

Participation is for anyone who wants to learn some basic language skills via their mobile phone. The cost of the actual course is free for the first 150 people registered. There is no participation fee; however, a donation of €10 will be appreciated to cover costs for a SD card. All those who register after the first 150 are kindly required to donate a higher amount.

The MobLang mobile course is supported further with regular Language Cafés for socializing with individuals who speak the language being learned, watching short movies, and going shopping or to a café to practice vocabulary with native speakers. The duration of the course is 1-2 months (depending on participant’s speed). Participants attend at least once at Language Café in order to receive the program and install it properly on their mobile.

To register, email or call (+357) 22-892909.

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