Wednesday, 2 January 2013

4th International SDD Training Workshop this Coming May in Crete

Why and How we ought to Re-Invent Democracy through Structured Democratic Dialogue (SDD)

7-9 May 2013

Modern democracies in Europe and around the Globe are currently under serious stress and discussion in a  very wide spectrum of contexts as the financial crisis has highlighted the powerlessness of national governments in dealing with global economic and political players. 
In these exceptionally turbulent years, characterized by sovereign debt crises and week political leadership in the developed world, as well as dramatic changes in the Middle East and North Africa,  a momentum is emerging  for  citizens’ knowledge and participation. SDD  training workshops are being offered for the purpose of building capacity internationally for addressing highly complex civic problems through the use of the science of dialogue. This workshop is for individuals interested in learning more about the science of Structured Democratic Dialogue (SDD) and those who are actively  searching to contribute with their voices in participative democracy. The workshop will include theoretical foundations and practical applications for learning and applying the Science of Dialogue. 

Participants will learn:
➡ The management of complexity in designing social systems.
➡ The axioms and the principles of the Science of Dialogue.
➡ The authentic, effective, and efficient engagement of stakeholders in designing desirable futures.
➡ The importance of systemic thinking  in the resolution of local and global problematiques.
➡ The use of the Cogniscope Software in collectively discovering the root causes of wicked problems and determining effective priorities for action.
➡ The application of the Co-Laboratory of Democracy on how to resolve complex problems in the trainees’ organizational settings.

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* Registrations should be completed and submitted by February 15, 2013. Applications for scholarship should be submitted for evaluations by the instructors by January 31, 2013. 

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