Thursday, 2 October 2008

"Strengthening Asylum in Cyprus” UNHCR funded project

Target Population:
Asylum Seekers and Refugees residing in Cyprus

Main Goal:
To offer free of charge legal aid and social support to the target population.

Our Duties include:

• Monitoring/Evaluation of the Refugee Status Determination procedures (e.g. Application for Asylum, Interviews, Appeals, police related issues)
• Monitoring/Evaluation of the present financial, vocational, educational and health needs of the clients
• Sharing of information with clients on their lawful rights,/provision of advocacy services.

In order to address and resolve problems on the above mentioned sectors:

Individual approach, not campaign-orientated work.

Liaison with competent governmental authorities.

Collaboration with UNHCR, other NGO’s, educational/training bodies etc. for the benefit of clients.

Monitoring of asylum procedures and law implementation and provision of recommendations on policy issues

For more information contact Manos Mathioudakis here

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