Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Study Visit to Cyprus from The International Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) program

Eleftherios A. Michael, Assistant Professor and Academic Director at the Peace and Conflict Resolution Program from American University in Washington D.C. will be in Cyprus for a study visit from 20 to 28 March 2009 with 25 students.

A three week travel experience to Cyprus, Greece and Turkey will provide the students with a firsthand experience in understanding the various peacemaking and peacebuilding dynamics of long term and sustainable peace and reconciliation among former enemies. The trip provides students with excellent opportunities to meet with top political leaders from all sides of the conflict, including briefings by United Nations and European Union diplomats, academics, researchers and ordinary citizens whose lives have been affected in conflict zones. Students will learn from their perspectives how various roadblocks en route to peace have constrained their efforts for a political settlement and reconciliation.

Above all, the students will have a chance to give their fresh ideas as conflict analysts and peacebuilders to help find the way forward for people in their quest to better understand one another and coexist peacefully.

FWC will host the students on 27 March at 14.30 at the Centrum Hotel along with presentations from other Cypriot NGOs. Please contact Larry for more details.

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