Friday, 26 June 2009

Follow up to "Jumpstart" Teambuilding and Leadership Workshop

The training brought together approximately 25 youth, aged 18-30 island wide for the first of a series of workshops to get to know each other in a comfortable and fun atmosphere. The training is part of the activities of the EU funded project Jumpstart Youth Peace Campaign in Cyprus. The project’s duration is 18 months and started in mid March 2009.

The training took place in Famagusta at the Mimoza beach hotel. Two trainers who are experienced in the Council of Europe trainings started with ice breaking games and get- to –know- each other games.

The second and third part of the training was focused on interactive and playful activities that aim to develop teambuilding and leadership skills for effective social change directed action.

The Project ‘Jumpstart’ Youth peace Campaign in Cyprus was presented to the participants. The project cycle and overall project objectives and activities were presented. The participants exchanged views with the coordinators and the trainers on the project activities. They suggested ways to attract more youth to participate in this project but also activities that could take place under this project. Some of these activities are music concerts, pick-nicks, cultural events, newsletter, magazine, camping, environmental awareness activities etc.

The group developed a great dynamic and team building spirit and has already started planning the upcoming activities.
For more information check the Facebook group JUMPSTART THE PEACE IN CYPRUS.

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