Tuesday, 9 June 2009

FWC elected to Management Committee of Cyprus Community Media Centre

FWC's Head of Social Justice, Larry Fergeson, joins 6 other Cypriot Civil Society Organisations on the Management Committee of the new Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC). The expected outcome of the CCMC is a more pluralistic, vibrant and diverse media landscape through an integrated and networked community media initiative led by Civil Society. Larry has been working with other members of Cypriot CSO's for over a year to bring this project to fruition and is honored to be part of the Management Committee.

The specific objectives of the CCMC are: to build the capacity of Cypriot CSOs and civil society actors across a number of media areas, especially through joint actions across Cypriot communities; to ensure wider and better dissemination of issues and concerns of CSOs among the wider population; and to organically build a Web based CSO Platform that will grow as the needs and capabilities of Cypriot civil society themselves grow. Furthermore the Community Media Centre aims to enhance relationships between the mass media and civil society through the provision of community media generated products contributing to social inclusion, multiculturalism and diversity. The media output will be posted on the community media centre web portal and be accessible in various forms such as podcasts, blogs, vodcasts, etc. At the same time, every effort will be made to broadcast on television and radio, through formal agreements with print media, TV and radio stations. CCMC will give opportunities to CSO’s island-wide to establish a network for media production.

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