Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Jumpstart hosted at CyBC

Jumpstart coordinators along with two Greek Cypriot participants who took part in the project’s latest training in Famagusta, were hosted last Saturday (11 July) at CyBC’s radio show “Culture and Peaceful living”(Πολιτισμός και Ειρηνική Συνύπαρξη) to talk about their experience of the project so far.
Jumpstart coordinators elaborated on the main objectives of the project and emphasized the importance of breaking the barrier of communication between the two communities and facilitating the exchange of opinion and life experience between the youth.
The Greek Cypriot participants said that they were really pleased to have taken part in the three-day event in Famagusta mainly because of the innovative methods used which encouraged co-operation and team-building skills between the participants from the very beginning. They both seemed keen to go on with with further activities.
Marcia Kammitsi, who acted as the Greek Cypriot co-ordinator so far, announced the actions to follow, as part of the project, giving emphasis on the conflict -resolution training expected to take part in September. She then encouraged youth who want to problematise bi-communal relations to join in, stressing the “openness” and participatory character of the activities.
Hussein Kursat, the Turkish Cypriot co-ordinator, also invited more people to join in, especially from the Greek Cypriot community, saying that it is really important to the development of a new culture of bi-communal relations.
Fore more information about the Jumpstart project, please contact the new Greek Cypriot co-ordinator Nicolina Markidou.

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