Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Training of Trainers in Development Education

A workshop aiming at training facilitators in order for them to deliver Development Education Trainings for teachers has taken place from 29th -4th July in Edinburgh/ Scotland as part of the EU-funded project 'Accessing Development Education'.
In the training, which was organized by our Edinburgh-based partner ScotDec, 16 participants from Cyprus, Bulgaria and Lithuania had the chance to explore issues and skills connected to Development Education and finally design their own DE training session.
In the sessions, participative methods have been prioritized by well-trained facilitators from Scotland and Ireland. These methods enabled participants to exchange views, explore methodologies and compare local contexts in a way that significantly enhanced their understanding of DE. After the training sessions, the participants, organisers and facilitators went on excursions in Edinburgh, to the sea- and country-side, got to know the Scottish hospitality, and managed to develop close connections among all participants.

The Cyprus team consisted of two Future Worlds Centre staff and three teachers (one from primary and two from secondary education). The team is planning to implement teacher trainings in different towns in Cyprus from September onwards and encourage teachers to include Development Education in their lessons.

For more information contact the project coordinator here.

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