Wednesday, 7 April 2010

FWC at 3rd COST International Training School

"Dr Yiannis Laouris and Lawrence Kalogreades attended the 3rd COST International Training School on Toward Autonomous, Adaptive, and Context-Aware Multimodal Interfaces: Theoretical and Practical Issues, which took place in Caserta, Italy. The training school took place on the 15-19th of March, 2010.

Lawrence Kalogreades documented the work he is doing in collaboration with Dr Antonis Loizou at the CNTI/FWC Neuroscience Lab through his presentation entitled "The effects of violent gaming on psycho-physiological and electrophysiological measures of stress". An abstract of the presentation follows:

The primary aim of this study is to investigate whether experienced video‐game players demonstrate fewer physiological stress markers (i.e., elevated heart‐rate, respiration, blood pressure, ventilation, and forehead muscle conductivity) in comparison to inexperienced gamers. With the aid of the Nexus 10 biofeedback recording hardware, the physiological responses, as well as integrated brain wave activity of the subjects will be recorded while playing violent and non‐violent video games. This psychophysiological multimodal data profile will be correlated with their Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory personality profiles as well as the type of game being played."

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