Thursday, 8 April 2010

FWC coordinates Cyprus' first European conference on Development Education

Future Worlds Center, welcomed teachers and NGO leaders to Cyprus for the island’s first European conference on Development Education. Participants from Cyprus, Scotland, Ireland, Bulgaria, France, Poland, England, Slovenia and Lithuania have started to gather for 3 days in Limassol to discuss opportunities and challenges faced integrating a global perspective into schools across Europe. A representative of the Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus opened the conference with an address to the participants Thursday morning. Educational authorities from the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and the General Teaching Council of Scotland will also address the attendees.

Interactive workshops for participants will be conducted in parallel over the entirety of the conference as well as a Structured Dialogue with relevant educational stakeholders. These will help participants exchange experiences, learn what is happening in other EU member states and create new links among teachers Europe-wide.

“Global Education is very important for Cyprus and teachers here are very responsive”, said Kerstin Wittig Future World Center’s head of Global Education and Coordinator of the project “Accessing Development Education” who is hosting the European conference in Cyprus.

“Development Education is still a fairly new concept in new member states and the European Commission promotes the idea by supporting NGOs who work in this area. The Ministry of Education and Culture in Cyprus has been very supportive of these activities and the project itself”, she said

The EU funded project “Accessing Development Education” has been active for the last two years and engages educators and schools in Development Education activities and equips them with relevant training and materials, thus making them promoters and multipliers of national campaigns and initiatives that aim to create awareness about development issues and global interdependencies.

The project is coordinated by Future Worlds Center (Cyprus) and implemented in partnership with Scotdec (Scotland), Youth Career and Advising Centre (Lithuania), KADE (Ireland) and C.E.G.A. (Bulgaria). The conference will run from Thursday 8 April to Saturday 10 April at the Navarria Hotel in Limassol.

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