Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Future Worlds Center (leg. Reg. Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute) is launching an online short- film competition from 7 -17 November 2011 in the framework of the EU-funded project ‘MDGs-Media for Development Goals’ to further promote global issues and the MDGs in Cyprus.

The competition features the work of 25 students from four secondary schools in Cyprus who created films about Migration, Environmental Sustainability, Gender Equality, Global Trade and Active Citizenship during the school year 2010-2011 as part of the project. Films will be available on an electronic platform which will be shortly announced by the organization.

The films taking part in the competition have been prepared as part of media school program which has taken place in 4 participating secondary schools: Olympion Highschool, Paliometocho, Ayios Ioannis Lyceum in Limassol, International School of Paphos and American Academy, Nicosia. During the school media program, participating students worked under the supervision of volunteer trainers to produce materials which present in a lively way how the above mentioned issues are experienced in Cypriot society. The films strive to capture multiple voices and perspectives as a way of further problematizing these issues.

The competition forms part of a media campaign being implemented by students from Olympion Highschool, Paliometocho, Ayios Ioannis Lyceum in Limassol, International School of Paphos and American Academy, Nicosia. Aim of the campaign is to raise awareness about global issues that are currently influencing Cypriot society such as the rise of migration flow, the establishment of globalized markets, the global responsibility for environmental sustainability, the need to promote gender equality. The campaign seeks to stir discussion about these issues in Cyprus and emphasize citizens’ responsibility of taking informed action to respond to these challenges on local and global level.

In the year 2000, the United Nations convened the so-called Millennium Summit, with the aim of getting all Member States’ commitment towards a global effort addressing the major challenges of our planet, and to strive towards peace, human rights, democracy, strong governance, environmental sustainability, poverty reduction and human jdignity, equality and equity. As a result, the summit concluded with a Millennium Declaration, consisting of 8 goals which was unanimously adopted by all 189 countries. In order for these goals to be achieved the mobilization of citizens and young people across the globe is considered crucial.

For more information about the competition and the project please contact project coordinator at or call 22-873820. You can also visit

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