Tuesday, 20 October 2009

FWC invited to La Strada International NGO platform meeting in Berlin, Germany

The Humanitarian Affairs Unit of FWC has been selected to participate in the 4th NGO platform meeting in Berlin, Germany, on 9 and 10 November, organised by La Strada International (LSI) together with the German hosting organisation, Ban Ying. The decision to organise this year’s NGO platform in Berlin rather than in a La Strada member country was taken to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on 9 November 1989. A public debate with invited guests will celebrate the special occasion and discuss the impact of the fall of the wall on migration and trafficking, under the title: “The fall of the Berlin Wall - where do we stand 20 years on?”

At the NGO meeting, LSI wants to discuss, with FWC and its partners in the field, how non-governmental organisations and service providers cope with current realities in the anti-trafficking field and how to best serve the interests of trafficked persons within the system.

LSI believes that we need to redefine where we stand and how to set standards for La Strada’s services, cooperation, its independence, advocacy and images, in order to remain successful in the anti-trafficking work. Thus the main focus of this year’s NGO platform is to put on standards and agreements, set services and to look critically at the La Strada’s position as a non-governmental organisation. LSI has invited 30 European anti-trafficking NGO representatives, next to La Strada member organisations, as well as LSI advisory council members and representatives of international anti-trafficking (and related) networks and organisations. To receive more information on the NGO platform, please contact Bobby Gerasimov at LSI, at bg@lastradainternational.org.

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