Monday, 5 October 2009

FWC participated at the BioID_MultiComm '09 Conference

Lawrence Kalogreades represented FWC at the BioID_MultiComm '09 event, a joint International Conference organised cooperatively by COST Actions 2101 & 2102. The conference was held in Madrid, Spain, between the 16-19th of September.

As per the conference’s website (BioID_MultiComm '09), “the aim of COST 2101 is to investigate novel technologies for unsupervised multimodal biometric authentication systems using a new generation of biometrics-enabled identity documents and smart cards. COST 2102 is devoted to develop an advanced acoustical, perceptual and psychological analysis of verbal and non-verbal communication signals originating in spontaneous face-to-face interaction, in order to identify algorithms and automatic procedures capable of recognize human emotional states”.

The participating researchers and graduate students of the COST 2101 Action presented their respective work in the cutting-edge of identification technologies using biometric traits, such as gait, body movements, speech analysis, cross-lingual signature analysis (i.e drawing comparisons between the Western and Chinese signatures of the same individual) as well as multi-modal approaches.

Those who were part of the COST 2102 Action, although less in number, presented their work in the analysis of the relationship between music, acoustics, and emotions, as well as new methods for high-definition speech analysis and processing.

Lawrence also represented Yiannis Laouris, director of FWC, at the COST 2102 Action Management Committee meeting, which concluded that another 2102 Action meeting is to take place in the fall of 2010, for which applicant countries and organizations may submit their proposals. A discussion also ensued regarding the submission of an application in order to further continue the COST 2102 Action, or whether it would be best to submit an application for a new Action.

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