Monday, 5 October 2009

Jumpstart Youth Training on Campaigning and PR

What is this?
The training will bring together approximately 30 youth aged 18-30 island-wide to engage in a three-day workshop on Campaigning and Public Relations (PR). It is the third of five trainings expected to be implemented for the youth being actively involved in the Jumpstart Peace Campaign.

The training will include sessions on Social Marketing, Communications and PR as well as Visual Communication. It will also include a practical session during which the youth will engage with the decorations for the Jumpstart activities expected to begin on 23rd October. (Participants are therefore advised to bring suitable work wear for painting)

The Campaigning and PR training will utilize interactive methods which promote capacity-building, co-operation and understanding. It will be conducted by experienced trainers who will facilitate the participants throughout the activities, and make sure that certain skills are prioritized during the sessions. The workshops will also be coordinated by the Jumpstart Youth Campaign coordinators.

Participants will also be expected to get actively involved in the many planned follow-up activities over the next year as part of the Jumpstart Youth Campaign, and serve as agents of change in their respective communities.

When is this?
Training Course duration: The training course will be from 27 – 29 November 2009.

Where is this?
Training Course Location: The Campaigning and PR training will take place at LA Hotel and Resort in Lapta (Lapithos). *Accommodations for the participants will also be at LA Hotel and Resort

Why is this?
Jumpstart Youth Campaign: The actions within the Jumpstart Youth Campaign aim to increase confidence-building and co-operation between the Greek Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot Youth (18-30), by creating opportunities for them to get actively involved in peace-building activities. Jumpstart ultimately aims to enable youth from both sides to challenge their own stereotypes and explore the possibility of envisioning a common future together.

Who is this?
Jumpstart Peace Campaign is a joint action put forward by Youth Center Union (Genclik Merkezi Birligi), a Turkish Cypriot organization, which is the main applicant of the project, and Future Worlds Center (legally reg. Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute) which is the partner organization for the Greek Cypriot Community.

Participation Criteria: Participants will be selected based on their experience in other youth projects and seminars as well as their willingness and availability to contribute to future activities as part of Jumpstart Youth Campaign. Those who have taken part in the previous Jumpstart trainings and have already been actively involved in Jumpstart Peace Campaign will be given priority as far as participation is concerned.

Note: *Accommodation and food are covered by the Jumpstart Youth Campaign project. Transportation from Nicosia will be provided by bus. Participants coming from other areas will have some reimbursement for their transportation costs.

Participation form:
If you wish to participate in the upcoming training, please contact Jumpstart co-ordinators at : and by Monday 9 November 2009.

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