Friday, 18 November 2011

Short-film “In the name of the Father” wins online competition on the MDGs

The short film “In the name of the father”, is the winner of the online short film competition that has taken place from 7th to 17th November in the framework of the EU-funded project ‘MDGs-Media for Development Goals’, organized by Future Worlds Center( leg. reg. Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute).

The short film has been created by four students of Olympion High School in Paliometocho,- namely Stelios Stylianou, Marilena Odysseos, Lucia Poyiadji, and Virginia Mitsi- under the supervision of the media trainer Ivan Charalambous and their teacher Maria Papoula.

The film ranked first, by gathering 2476 points, among 10 student videos available for online voting during competition.

The thematic of the film focuses on the issue of gender discrimination in the family context, and seeks to uncover the gender dimension of family violence in a vivid and powerful way. In this way, the film aims to raise awareness about MDG 3 and the global responsibility to promote Gender Equality.

To watch the video click

All 10 student videos that have taken part in the competition seek to raise awareness about the MDGs by focusing on hot issues of Migration, Gender Equality, Environmental Sustainability, Global Trade and Active Citizenship as they are experienced in Cyprus.

The films form part of a media campaign aiming at stirring people’s thinking about global issues and the MDGs in the framework of the EU-funded project ‘MDGs-Media for Development Goals’. To learn more about the campaign watch the videos, and

Results can be seen at

For more information about the competition and the project please contact project coordinator at or call 22-873820. You can also visit the project website

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